About me

I grew up in Paris and spent many years in San Francisco, which gave me two different perspectives to view the world, and an insatiable desire to travel and explore the planet. Living abroad and adventuring into other cultures and environments have directly impacted my photographic style, allowing me to be fully comfortable in any place and situation. I come alive when I can escape from the Known into the Unknown.

I see photography as the art of observation, finding beauty in ordinary subjects. Beauty is all around, in the unexpected and unforeseen, we have to look for it.

Being a restless observer of life within my environment, my photographs are a direct reflection of the people and places that inspire me. I enjoy capturing the unusual and funny instants of urban life, documenting sceneries, architecture, landscapes.

Curiosity is now taking me into more abstract compositions to write new storytelling.

My visual reading is spontaneous, instinctive, and based on emotions, whether generated by beauty, anguish, sadness, gentleness, mystery, or by a simple touch of humor.

Photography has little to do with the things I see, and everything to do with the way I see them.

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